Saturday, November 12, 2016

Make Windows 10 Look Like Windows XP

Windows XP was created in 2001, and has since been a popular OS among many people. According to NetMarketShare, 8.27% of the world still uses Windows XP today. And I have some connection to Windows XP as well, because I actually grew up with one. And today, to bring back the nostalgia, we are going to take a look at how you can turn your current version of Windows to Windows XP. 


Please make sure you backup your computer before you install anything. I do not want to be responsible for frying your motherboard, or setting your face on fire.

Step 1: Installations

In Windows 10, Microsoft brought back the Start Menu. Kinda. It uses the metro tiles from Windows 8 and 8.1 mixed in with the size of the menu from earlier versions into this:
Now while this may look fine, it's not enough to bring back the Windows XP feel. So we're going to install Classic Shell, which is a program that replaces your start menu.
Download Classic Shell
Now that you have downloaded Classic Shell, we need to set the taskbar and background to our choice. But how? Simple. I have created a pack that will allow you to customize your Windows to the limit. I call it the Windows XP Transformation Pack for Windows 10! 

Step 2: Modifications

Now that you have downloaded that, here is what you do.
First, open up Classic Start Menu Settings. This should show up:
Next, Check the "Show all settings" button.

After that, click the Start Button tab, and click the 3 dots.

And choose a start button.
Now, your button may look funny, but that's because THE BUTTONS WILL ONLY WORK WITH SMALL TASKBAR ICONS!
So right click your taskbar, click settings, and turn on the "Use small taskbar buttons" switch.
Moving on.
While Classic Shell does have XP Luna themes, it doesn't have Royale or any of the other ones.
So first, take the .skin file I gave you inside the Windows XP Transformation Pack, and put it inside  C:\Program Files\Classic Shell\Skins. Then head on over to Classic Shell Start Menu Settings.
Now go to the Skin tab.
Select the Windows XP Royale skin.
The Windows XP Royale Skin contains the Royale, Royale Noir, Embedded, and Zune Start Menus.

Step 3: Installing Winaero Tweaker

Next, we're going to install something else, called Winaero Tweaker. Now this is optional if you want to use the Olive and Silver colors.

Once you have downloaded that, open up the program. This should show up: 

Head over to Color Accents in the Appearence section.

After that, click any of the "Change..." buttons.

Here are the RGB Codes for the Olive and Silver colors.

Olive: RGB(194, 205, 149)

Silver: RGB(203,204,218)

Alright! Now that you have done that, let's get on to the final step.

Step 4: Icons and Finishing Touches

First, head over to the Transformation Pack, and choose your Theme Pack. Simply Double click on it and it will automatically appear.

If that doesn't work, there are going to be backgrounds in the pack as well. Choose and customize to your limit.

After that, head on over to Classic Shell once more, and navigate yourself to the Customize Start Menu tab.

Now scroll down to find the lock tab, which should be on the left side under shutdown dialog. Now, yours doesn't have that key icon, so we will put that now.

Right click the lock tab and select, "Edit Item". Then this should show up.

Click the 3 dots that the arrow is pointing at (I put that there) and a menu should show up.
Now, click the 3 dots and head to the Icons folder in the pack, and select the lock.ico file.
Now, when you go into your menu and hover over the shutdown button, the icon should show up. Unfortunately, I could not find the other icons. So, any graphic designers are welcome to contact me and I'll add them in.

And that's it! You are done!

For now, at least.

The Advanced Edition is coming soon.

Check out where I got the Start Buttons here:
And here's where I got the skins and icons:

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