Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Make Windows 10 Look Like XP: Advanced Edition

It's here.

It really is.
For months and months now, I've been trying to create the best way to bring back Windows XP from Windows 10 without using themes or patches, and it's easy to take off and on, like a coat.

This version is much more advanced than the other one.

So what are we waiting for? Let's get started. 


Now, what are the differences between the Standard Edition and the Advanced Edition of my pack? Well, first of all, this has a lot more items in it.
For example, I've added sounds, a program to change the Startup sound, cursors, a new lock screen, and smaller versions of the start button, which is useful if you don't want that big of a button.
Now, the sounds, cursors, and lock screen were given to me by a small YouTuber by the name of pstasiw, who did a tutorial of transforming Windows 10 to XP on his channel. Check out that if you want to add the sounds and cursors in a video method.


But hey, I'm gonna show it to you here as well.
First things first, before you do anything, create a system restore point. I don't want anything happening to your computer.

Lock Screen + Organization Bug Workaround

Alright. We need to change the lock screen, so, head on over to Settings, Personalization, and then click Browse. Then choose the lock screen.
There's a glitch here. On some computers, you can't click browse, and it might say, "some settings are managed by your organization", even though you aren't part of one! 

Don't worry, there's a work around.

Simply open the picture in Photos, click set, and then click Set as lock screen. And it works!


First, copy the sounds to C:\Windows\Media. Don't copy the folder, just the sounds themselves. (Optional)
Next, right click on the sound button, and choose sounds.

After that, select Windows Default from the drop down.

Now, click on one of the sounds (in this case, Close Program), then click the dropdown. You'll see all of the sounds. Scroll down and you'll see the Windows XP sounds. 
Now choose the corresponding one.
Now, repeat that for all of the sounds.
I know, it's tedious, but it's gonna be the same thing with the cursors. There is no easy way.


First, copy the cursors themselves to C:\Windows\Cursors.  (Optional)
Next, go to Control Panel.
Next, type in "pointers" in the search box, which says, "Change how the the mouse pointer looks".
Now, this next part might be different for different computers. I have a Lenovo computer, so the Lenovo Pointer Device might show up.
What I did was I navigated to pointers.
And this step should be familliar for all computers.
Now, simply click browse, navigate your cursor file, and select the cursor. Do this for all of them, and you're done!


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